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Course Promise

How to Exit a Wilderness

In this 3-day course you will learn how to effectively navigate your Wilderness season. Many despise the Wilderness, I used to be one of them, but I’ve come to know and learn that it can be the most effective character building tool. Maybe you feel stuck, frustrated, or confused, whatever the case be, I’ll personally coach you through it for three days in my mentorship group giving you the insight and biblical foundation you need to walk you through it successfully. 

Course Promise

In this course, you will go from feeling spiritually stagnant or left behind in your walk with God, to feeling empowered and revived. You’ll receive ground breaking revelation and activation to flow in the gifts of the Spirit. You’ll experience dynamic coaching on how to progress into your next dimension and experience upgrades in every area of your life as a result.



Course Promise

Modern Day Intercessor

Prayer is a technology. Just like any other technology, it get things done faster and more effectively than any manual and natural operation could. In this course, you will learn exactly how to use this technology and receive step by step coaching on how to properly engage with the wind of the Spirit in prayer. Your prayer life and relationship with God will be completely transformed and you will go from feeling like you can’t break through to shifting atmospheres and seeing complete manifestation of your prayers. 


Course Promise


In this course, you will go from feeling spiritually stagnant or left behind in your walk with God to feeling empowered and revived. You will receive step by step teaching in which every successive lesson builds upon the previous lesson so that you’re well guided forward. You’ll experience dynamic coaching concerning how to progress into your next dimension and you will experience upgrades in every area of your life in the result. 

Course Promise

Financial Empowerment

Money is mentioned in the Bible more times than anything else. It’s an issue of the heart and mind and an area of great temptation - remember Judas?  In 52 weeks, I’ll take you through the Bible exposing the thoughts, habits, actions, and company (that’s right, people around you who may subscribe to poverty or a mentality of struggle) that could hinder your finances and potentially your destiny. I’ll share my story of increase throughout the years through hours of teaching, some unheard until now. At the end of the year course, you will no longer feel like you don’t have enough, wonder how or when will you increase, and how to breakthrough discouragement in your giving. You’ll leave financially empowered to finance the Kingdom and become a modern-day Abraham. 





  • No experience required

  • Internet, Cellular device, or a laptop or desktop computer

  • Facebook Account - This is required to access the private community. People frequently create one just for this type of course.

  • Hunger for more than the average, status quo, and commercial/popularity of the modern church.



Fully sponsored by Revival Culture Church!

You only invest your commitment, and undivided attention for return of lifelong transformation.

What We Offer

  • An Intensive of 3 Days

  • Live, Current Teaching from Apostle Ferguson

  • Private Online Community

  • Prayer Devotional 

  • Exclusive Private Prayer Calls Led by Apostle Ferguson

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