Virtual church is new to all of us, and although we do provide the opportunity for you to join us and become part of our family LIVE in person, we have also created a hybrid membership experience for people just like you.


Now you can be a member of Revival Culture NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE in the world! 


Not only can you join our services online, BUT we have also created a 52-week curriculum that has been proven to new Christians and growing Christians alike!


For one year, we help you grow in your walk with Christ, and if you choose to keep walking with us, after this one-year experience, we have more where that came from! 


We only ask that you watch our services online, bring your tithe and your offering online, allow us to strengthen your faith weekly through our 1-year curriculum, and if you live in the United States, commit to joining us at least one time before the 12 months is over! 


This is where we’d need your help, however! Due to the global pandemic, there are only so many people we can allow in attendance with us. Because of this, we’d like to give our members FIRST PRIORITY to join us in person. 


Therefore, please pick your anticipated “online member attendance track” below so that we can consider how to best accommodate you in the times you’d prefer to be with us in person. Please keep in mind you will receive free registration invitations based on the attendance track you choose below. Once you receive the invitation via text or email, you will need to sign up for free in order to attend.


Lastly, please follow our Facebook & Instagram pages at the bottom of this site to stay in the loop. We look forward to seeing you on the other side!